Nevis Cup 2023


25:th international Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament for Pre-Junior, Junior, Senior & Duo/Trio

We are so thankful that you all attended Nevis Cup 2023. 

We hope you enjoyed it and we are looking forward to meet you again next year.

Special awards goes to: 

The girl who spreads love and warmth through her radiant dedication and artistry in her presentations

  • Mansika Halle Nora Snarøya Gymnastikk-og Turnforening
  • Grosser Maria TIK gymnastik
  • de Weerd Kirsten OBQ Leeuwarden
  • Qiao Emma Energo GF
  • Duo Smilla & Alice Nevis Rythmic gymnastic

The bringer of happiness who gave us all smiles with her brilliant and joyful routines.

  • Lilly Hendar​ Nevis Rythmic gymnastic
  • Nordberg Malou Westring Margpetch​ Greve Gymnastics Club
  • Koroleva Liusiya Landskrona Kvinnliga GF
  • Sandvin Kristi​ Snarøya Gymnastikk-og Turnforening
  • Ida & Kazzi​ Nevis Rythmic gymnastic

With an elegant style, this girl succeeded in performing in her programs with beautiful and harmonious lines.

  • Silberbrandt Nanna​ GF Øbro
  • Filimonenko Yuliia​ TIK gymnastik - Denmark
  • Hegg-Andresen Ada Wangari Snarøya Gymnastikk-og Turnforening
  • ​Petersen Alina ROG Denmark
  • ​Duo Olivia & Alma​ ROG Denmark

A big congrats to all the gymnast

Result: Full result can be found here

Junior B
1 Christ Michelle, SVNA Hamburg
2 Wulis Angelina, SVNA Hamburg
3 Hendar Lilly, Nevis RGK

Junior A
1 Rezova Daria, Nevis RGK
2 Filimonenko Yuliia, TIK Gymnastik
3 Hantoft Maiah, Landskrona KvGF

Senior B
1 Andersson Hilda, C4-gymnasterna
2 Pettersson Engla, C4-gymnasterna
3 Post Baukje, OBQ Leeuwarden

Senior A
1 Christov Melanie, Nevis RGK
2 PEDERSEN Alma, TIK Gymnastik
3 Nyqvist Nova, GF Energo

DT Senior
1 Ida / Kazzie, Nevis RGK
2 Baukje/ de Weerde, OBQ Leeuwarden
3 Bru/Hegg Andresen, Snarøya Gymnastikk-og Turnforening

Pre Junior
1 Kholkina Daryna, SVNA Hamburg
2 Qiao Emma, GF Energo
3 Kotwitzki Maria Nelly, SVNA Hamburg

DT Junior
1 Duo junior JGF (Ellie & Alexandra), Jönköpings Gymnastikförening
2 Hagen/Rolstad, Snarøya Gymnastikk-og Turnforening
3 ROG Duo (Oliwia & Alma), ROG Denmark